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A Few Ways to Improve Your Credit Score‚Äč

  • Pay down revolving debt to approx. 30% of the available limit

  • Do NOT close tradelines - this is a common mistake people make. For people trying to improve scores, closing tradelines is not a good idea.

  • the credit card company and asking for a credit increase. So if someone has a $1000 credit limit on a Capital One card for example, and they owe $800, if they calf Cap One and ask for a credit increase to $3000, that's now 30% of the limit.

  • Getting Collection Accounts Removed - medical collections are the easiest. Paying off a collection will not improve credit scores initially. Getting the collection removed will absolutely increase scores.

  • Adding additional tradelines - scores are based on credit utilization. Adding an additional tradelines will only help.

  • Use the credit cards - scores are based on credit utilization so use the credit available to you and keep the limit at or around 30%. Credit card companies will gladly increase your credit limit if they see you're actually using the card.

  • Too Many Credit Inquires -when scores are low initially, too many credit inquires from companies other than mortgage companies will bring down credit scores. Be mindful of inquires

  • Time will heal - the more time that passes from a recent credit blemish, the higher the scores will climb, assuming all bills are paid on time

  • Continue to pay bills on time.

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